Awarded with "International Icon of the year for promoting Asian Cuisine Globally" for his outstanding contribution in putting Asian Culinary on the global map in 2017

Culinary Master

Offering the best delicacy experiences for 25+ years.

A gastronomic approach that treats the best, your taste-buds deserve.

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Ajay Chaudhry, a well-known name in the hospitality industry is taking Indian cuisine on to a different level. Taking the essence of Indian cuisine, its spices, and stirring up an international concoction is the motto he lives by.

With immense skill, he truly caters an unforgettable experience which suits every palate, whether Indian or American. Continental to Oriental and everything in between is made with excellence and innovation, serving different world cuisines on one large platter with a subtle Indian Tadka.

Not having any shortcut in this industry, any relatives nor an inspiration to look up to, this all just happened by default which soon became his passion and the rest is history.

Starting his food voyage from Kashmir, a state with one of the most royal food heritage and Kerala, a cuisine whose beauty lies in its simplicity, he truly mapped India from its north to south.

With an undying desire to learn about different cuisines, the art of preparing them, his tack for innovation & experimentation; he soon became a renowned name in the International Food Industry with a backing of extensive experience and two ventures at hand.

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The Best Mice Venue

Awarded ‘The Best Mice Venue’ By Travel And Hospitality Awards, Swift Media International- 2010, 2011, 2012

International Achiever

Mice & Pacific Asia Travel Writers Association International Awards at ITB Berlin, under the category “International Achiever Award in Food & Beverages”

Best Meeting Venue Award

Awarded ‘The Best Meeting Venue Award’ by the President Of India during 2011-2012

The Best Mice Venue

Awarded ‘The Best Mice Venue’ By Travel And Hospitality Awards, Swift Media International- 2010, 2011, 2012

Global Icon

Tourism Ministry Award for ‘Global Icon for promotion of Asian cuisine globally’

Highest Ever Turnover

Achieved The Highest Ever Turnover though ‘Strategic Business Development & Highest Guest Satisfaction Index’ - 2011-2012, 2012-2013

Best Professional

Awarded by Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor for ‘Best Professional in the Tri-state area for innovative culinary and unique events.

Most Creative

Chand Palace awarded the ‘Most Creative’ at the Varli Food Festival

“As a doctor would treat a patient irrespective of the patients paying capacity,

As a mechanic would stop on the road if he sees someone stranded and a car broken down,

As hospitality professionals we must do our bit for the have-not’s and make the ‘haves’ satisfied using our skill and creativity”.

~ Ajay

Previous Associations

Media Limelight

Sanjeev Kapoor

“The kind of experience Ajay has is very exceptional, which is also visible in the well-crafted menus and Asian fusion dishes he is presenting on the global platform. I wish Ajay success in all his future assignments and that he keeps doing the creative work to promote the Asian cuisine and make it prominent on the global map.”

Dr. K. Chiranjeevi

"I trust and hope this laurel will inspire you to attain further heights in the tourism sector as we continue to strive together to ensure that “Incredible India”gets its rightful place".

Captain Suraj P. Malhotra

"I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the dedication, sincerity and technical skill with which the Banquet hosted by Hon’ble President of India for Heads of State of ASEAN Countries was planned & executed by your team. I wish you all the success in your future endeavors".

My American Voyage with Indian Food

My Signature Delicacies

From Lip Smacking Continental to Aromatic Indian, My Signature Recipes appeal to Global Gluttons



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